UCLA Urology Associates

Santa Monica, CA


The UCLA Urology group of physicians are known for providing outstanding adult and pediatric care for a full range of urologic conditions. Fisher Design Company was engaged by UCLA to partner with Borsuk Architects to design the 7,000 Sq. Ft. specialty medical office. 


With an extremely large tenant team consisting of a construction manager, two high-level management staff, four physicians, and general administrative staff, all requests and opinions, often varied and opposing, were important. Obtaining a majority consensus approval required thorough communication and presentations. Providing both a functional and aesthetic space was critical, however, designing a space to showcase the vibrant artwork of Richard Ehrlich was essential.


We set up a design outline and schedule for addressing each specialty element, including the colors and material schemes, lighting, and furnishings. Additionally, the custom designed glass panels, sliding medical diagram boards, sanitizer and wall organizer accessories, and signage were strategically designed, documented, and approved. Similarly, when selecting the thirty dynamic art pieces, we prepared and issued a comprehensive specification package that allowed us to efficiently obtain agreement and finalize approvals for production.


The interior outcome was an inviting, comfortable, monochromatic environment designed for all age levels while accommodating each physician’s requirements, while exhibiting the stunning, energetic artwork of Richard Ehrlich.

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