Intelligent, Creative Spaces

Fisher Design Company, Inc. has created dynamic interior projects for business owners, landlords, real estate brokers, healthcare providers, retailers, restaurateurs, and country club and hotel owners. Understanding the differences and similarities between businesses is the key to designing for diverse business markets. Exposure and experience form our foundation, allowing us to comprehend each individual client’s goals. Function is always at the core of our work. An extensive combination of design concepts and products gives us a full palette of ideas to pull from, blend and ultimately achieve a particular look. The result is intelligent, creative spaces.

“Karen Fisher and her team are creative, spontaneous thinkers. They tackled a multitude of raw ideas and seamlessly wove them into a concrete concept, branding and defining the “Super Center” club. Consistent attention to detail with a good-natured and flexible approach, are a given. Their solutions have more than satisfied ownership, staff and especially club members. Karen’s direction of her team, our meetings and her unparalleled ability to communicate with all levels of personnel, resulted in a smooth and successful result every time.”

—Jeh Meher, President, USA Fitness Center

Through observation and exposure, we have honed a methodology for comprehending each client’s needs. This process builds the foundation for our creative vision, and follows the project through to completion. We evaluate space requirements, determine types of areas and assess the quantity and purpose for each space. We combine spatial vision with function to prepare the space plan. From there, shape, form, texture and lighting create dimension and depth. We add color to evoke emotion and atmosphere. Drawings and specifications are prepared to illustrate our vision.We believe that a successful outcome requires attentive communication throughout the process. We manage the details and execution of costing, engineering, approving and building, keeping our client informed throughout. With clear and direct communication, we ensure adherence to the agreed-upon guidelines of the project. This provides a forum for reconciling challenges with possibilities and prevents miscommunication. Our intention is to exceed our client’s expectation from process to results. With diligent focus and follow-through, we achieve that goal.