Thrive Men’s Clinic

Los Angeles, California


Thrive Men’s health clinic provides specialized care tailored to the unique medical needs of the adult male. The design brief was to create a space that illuminated the clinic’s comprehensive and unique approach to wellness through their innovative hormone, nutritional, cosmetic and skin care medical treatments.


Fisher Design Company was the conduit amongst the tenants, landlord, general contractor and sub-contractors. The main challenge was to scaffold a communication chain amongst the project team members, maintain communication, and support the construction trades to build the clinic in a timely manner.


With team communication being the key to the project success, we conducted numerous, on-going team meetings and prepared an uncomplicated, comprehensive set of design development drawings that minimized trade questions to streamline the construction process.


The creation of a low-cost men’s clinic that provides a functional, visually pleasing, confidential and safe environment.

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