Calabasas, California

Overview is a division of Mighty Net, Inc., which specializes in research, development and implementation of Internet-based credit information. As a pioneer and industry leader, our client’s 20,000-square foot office headquarters required a design solution that projected a progressive, modern image and promoted productivity through pleasing and efficient workspaces.


Our client came to us a few years after an unpleasant experience with another designer so gaining their trust was critical to the success of the project. They knew they wanted something distinctive that fit a particular budget but gave us little more to work with. It was apparent our mind-reading skills needed to be acute. Our job was to extract their major concerns and turn them into comprehensible solutions. Approvals would only come when our client felt confident in our understanding of and commitment to their concerns.


Our top priority was to show the client we understood their needs, then to demonstrate our experience in fulfilling those needs. We listened intently to their concerns. We addressed them based on order of importance to ensure delivery of a comprehensive design solution. Every step of the way, we demonstrated the reasoning behind our recommendations, handled any concerns swiftly and efficiently and, in this way, guaranteed their satisfaction.


We looked to geometry to reflect strength. We felt the parallel and non-parallel lines of a trapezoid perfectly represented our client’s innovative personality. This emblematic shape first appears suspended from the entry ceiling and is repeated throughout the office in wall coverings, glass, flooring, millwork, and textiles as well as lighting and furniture designs. Using scale and color combinations, we were able to define areas and provide orientation within a large, open workspace.

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