Barken, Perren, Schwager & Dolan, LLP

Los Angeles, CA


BPSD is a small business management and accounting firm lead by four partners known for being proactive, responsive to their clients’ needs and producing personalized results. We were engaged to create an interior image that mirrored their foundation of value and service.


With a limited budget of landlord tenant improvement dollars, creating a space beyond the building standard construction basics required out-of-the-box thinking and ingenuity.


Public zones, such as the reception and conference rooms, were prioritized since they are most frequented by clients. These areas received upgraded ceiling, lighting, wall and flooring treatments, along with high-end furnishings.


Incorporating high-contrast materials in soft, rich tones, along with enhanced ceiling and lighting details, sets the suite apart from the typical building standard office. The firm exudes a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere, reflecting the qualified and interconnected personality of the BPSD partners.

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