ASGN Incorporated

Calabasas, CA


ASGN Incorporated is one of the foremost providers of IT and professional services in the technology, digital, creative, healthcare, technology, engineering, life sciences, and government sectors. In short, this global provider delivers professional staffing expertise. It was critical that their 42,000 Sq. Ft. corporate office reflect their greatest strength: the people.


The greatest challenge was to integrate their worldwide image and brand, yet provide a unique corporate interior that stood on its own and reflected their USA strength, skill and pride. Incorporating comfortable, flexible spaces was required in order to accommodate the company’s work style, growth and inevitable acquisitions.


Plan for the present, and the future. Creating typical workstation standards and a variety of collaborative areas was the key to ensuring a flexible workplace environment. Simply put, one group could easily pack up and relocate, and a new department could be in place within hours. Collaborative zones were created so that staff could easily gather, in a variety of settings, for any amount of time. The idea of corporate “strength” was portrayed by installing massive sandstone walls and grazing these highly textured panels with the right LED color temperature to showcase the 2-story entry walls.


With timeless elegance, innovation and function, this versatile space is inviting to all. The interior supports productivity, growth, and change, all qualities internal to the company’s mission statement.

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