Nicolas Eatery Restaurant

Malibu, California


A 1,600 Sq. Ft., sun drenched, sophisticated, family-run restaurant in Malibu, featuring acclaimed Chef Nicolas Fanucci who creates fresh, organic food with unique French cooking techniques.


Faced with Woolsey Fire evacuations, elusive permits and extensive project delays, the journey to opening day was all by simple. Fisher Design Company was engaged to jump in and complete the design process, confirm code compliance and get the restaurant built. The greatest hurdle was to quickly interpret and understand the completed work to date, re-plan, re-design and collaborate with project team to briskly expedite design so that the construction could continue and meet the opening date.


Evaluate all previous project obstacles and quickly understand the client’s functional and aesthetic design objective. We put a plan in motion to create a design-build workbook of sketches to illustrate all space planning, design, elevations, specifications and details of the built environment. This workbook of sketches allowed for the contractor to build in tandem as details were being re-approved.


The open kitchen was intentionally designed to give the feeling of home and to reflect “what we do at home”. The bright space, reminiscent of easy and happy summer days, provides for the perfect setting in which to enjoy the simple yet meticulously crafted dishes.  Both the physical space and the tastefully simple fare reflect a sort of elegant-meets-casual character that seems to pair perfectly with Malibu’s vibrant personality. Artful simplicity meets near-familial hospitality.

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