Manhattan Country Club

Manhattan Beach, California


The client is a private tennis club in Manhattan Beach. It is committed to providing its members with a friendly, family-oriented experience. Their facilities range from racket sport courts and swimming pools to full-service restaurants, function rooms and fitness center. Since our relationship began in 1996, our job has been to update and expand different areas of the Club to maintain continuity while satisfying the changing needs of its membership.


Our latest project was the renovation of the locker rooms and activity facilities, enhancing the existing beach theme with more sophisticated details. There were two options we considered. Expanding the areas would require altering plumbing, HVAC and structural elements, creating a major expense. The alternative would be to utilize the existing floor plan and make superficial changes. A case for either scenario had to be thoroughly analyzed, researched and presented so the client could make an informed decision.


Together with the general contractor, we looked at various design scenarios and evaluated minor versus major renovations and their respective budget implications. The client’s primary objective was to add value and exclusivity to the atmosphere of the club within a reasonable budget. Diligent documentation and communication was paramount to ensure that our client understood and agreed to schedules and budgets.


Major changes were made to the space plan, providing a balance between engineering and visual impact. The new layout included private and semi-private areas, space for new, increased services, additional lockers, and a new feeling of openness in a windowless space. Granite water walls, glass tile inlays, timber slat ceilings and custom fiber-optic-lit resin panels defined spaces and were used throughout to create contrast and interest. The different rooms created sophisticated transition zones, preparing each member to either get ready or wind down from an activity. These new enhancements added the desired element of elegance and an appealing update to the ongoing beach theme.

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