Orly Color Labs

Los Angeles, California


The retail “pop-up” shop was created to expand the ORLY brand in a new selling format, reach new audiences and test a new market. This custom nail color lab with its interactive mixing station and vibrant interior has thrived to become one of LA’s newest and visually exciting backdrops for local events while promoting brand awareness.


This pop-up was not exempt from the common true-to-form challenge of budget and schedule. Understanding the client’s vision, designing and documenting the solutions quickly and promoting available materials was the key to meeting the financial constraints and the opening date.


Outlining the end result and working backwards is not an uncommon approach for any project. However, with this pop-up it was imperative to understand the pre-Holiday season deliverable with a critical launch date. Our strategy was to produce a comprehensive design-build drawing package that the contractor could build from, while the client was in production with the graphic package from day one.


While the storefront features Instagrammable backgrounds, a timeline of Orly’s unique L.A. history, new retail offerings, and opportunities to make your own nail polish can be found inside this visually stimulating and interactive environment.

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