From the presentation of the first space plan, it was apparent that Karen was inside our heads, knew what we were thinking, what we needed, who we were. From then on, we have completely trusted her with all our Commercial and Residential projects. — Jeff Pink, President & CEO of Orly International


Karen M. Fisher, CID, IIDA, ASID, Principal Design/Director

As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by how people relate to space.  I have always had a curiosity about the world and cultural diversity. Eventually, these interests merged in the form of Environmental Design. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, but my multifaceted education has spanned many countries and years, including studies at the American College, Lucerne, Switzerland, four years with Daikyo, Inc. in Tokyo, and many years with Cole Martinez Curtis and Associates, a prestigious design firm in Southern California. While living in Japan, I traveled to and from Australia, working on a variety of projects there. My multicultural overseas experience and multinational market knowledge makes me comfortable within a broad spectrum of projects and environments. I live and breathe in a big, wide world and am at home in any setting, and up for any challenge.As a Certified Interior Designer (CID) in the State of California, it is critical that I stay current with continuing education that includes ADA Accessibility, BOMA standards, sustainability, building codes and market trends. I pay particular attention to swings and advances in the building industry and specifically how construction methods, value-driven design, and the world market affect the end user. I am an accredited member of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Additionally, I have been an instructor for the American InterContinental University and a guest lecturer for ASID.What keeps me motivated and inspired after all these years? Everything. I love the process of getting inside each project, problem-solving and mapping out the details for completion. I like the challenges each project brings and how I draw on my experiences to solve them. And the relationships formed with my clients and my team are particularly satisfying. When we are all in sync, it is no longer work, it is pleasure and it shows in the results. Who could ask for a better way to spend each day!

Anthony J. Meza, A.I.A., Architect, Project Manager

What matters most to me: 1. Certain people have guided me and significantly influenced my life – I value my relationships. 2. I love architecture and design – my work does not feel like work. 3. I enjoy photography – it reminds me to pause and focus on the details of life.  So, the people in my life, my work, and being present and observant are  the components of a perfect day.After earning my Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Arizona, I jumped in my car and followed a girl to Los Angeles. I began working with Gruen Associates, then Robert Zachry Architect, and Swimmer Cole Martinez Curtis, where I first met Karen Fisher. I am a licensed Architect in the States of California and Arizona and I am very proud to be a California State Board of Architectural Examiners Commissioner. In 1986, I founded Anthony J. Meza Consultants, with both a commercial and residential project focus. I have obtained Certifications in Building Inspection Techniques for Insurance, Architectural Applications of the U.B.C. and I.C.B.O., Engineering Management for Construction, and I am a Registered Disaster Service Worker for the Office of Emergency Safety. In addition, understanding codes and the law led to my ongoing involvement as a Forensic Architectural Expert Witness.In 1999, Karen and I bumped into each other and we have been collaborating ever since. Why? Because I offer my expertise in construction management, code evaluation and compliance, detailing, and permit expediting. But, mostly, because it’s fun.  When I call upon my experience and resources, and yes, jump through hoops to get the answers needed, it is very rewarding. And, honestly, when a client says, Yes, that is exactly what I wanted, I feel like my efforts have been worthwhile.

Gary Thompson, Director of CAD Operations

The design world of structure and order is as interesting and challenging to me today as it was over 25 years ago. Understanding procedures, the details of each project, and what is required to create the two-dimensional composition, are the key components to preparing documents which become the core of a building project.My education and experience paralleled each other. While in the United States Army, I was introduced to the world of architecture and construction, and learned the skills of a draftsman. Later, I was a design technician for the United States Navy. These opportunities fueled my interest, expanded my knowledge, and served as my launchpad for later working in a variety of top design and architectural firms. Since 1996, I have worked with Fisher Design Company, managing the production, leading project surveys, and directing all CAD operations.A perfect day is developing the production strategy, and determining what is required to prepare a perfectly formed set of construction documents. I understand the construction process and what needs to be illustrated to guarantee clear communication to city officials, contractors and building tradesmen. To me, a set of drawings is like a story  only when told in great detail can it be accurately built. The project process is like putting a puzzle together. I find great pleasure in taking the vast amount of information, the puzzle pieces, assembling them in just the right order, and ultimately seeing all of the parts come together in one complete, unified picture.

Helen M. Poutier, Designer

My first experience of design was watching, and then, in time, helping my dad build cabinets in his spare time and my mom create amazing garments with her sewing machine. I learned quite early that patience and paying attention to details were important skills in life. I carried those lessons, combined with my love of math and art, when I studied Aerospace Engineering at St. Louis University and Rutgers, and later earned my Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from California State University Northridge.Merging my skills and my creative interests, I created a home decor business, designing and fabricating custom products. My creations included specialty window treatments, cushions, pillows and furniture re-upholstery and refinishing of all kinds. What started as a hobby turned into a business. Along the way, I also worked with a furniture dealer, preparing the space planning and design of office spaces. In 2008, I joined Fisher Design Company to work hand-in-hand with Karen on a variety of healthcare and corporate office projects. With my skill of combining colors, textures and patterns, and a passionate interest in incorporating sustainable products, I am able to bring distinction and added value to each project.To me, the most exciting part of a project is the moment of exploration when we brainstorm a concept and then hone in on the details: from the space plan to the ceiling and lighting, from the walls and flooring to the addition of perfectly coordinated furniture. The creation and combination of these layers of design is like tailoring a finely fitted suit. I love it! Each element is important, must stand alone, and yet, unify the whole concept – all individual elements working together, depending upon each other to build a strong collective image which perfectly describes our team!