Karen Fisher and her team are creative, spontaneous thinkers. They tackled a multitude of raw ideas and seamlessly wove them into a concrete concept, branding and defining the "Super Center" club. Consistent attention to detail with a good-natured and flexible approach, are a given. Their solutions have more than satisfied ownership, staff and especially club members. Karen's direction of her team, our meetings and her unparalleled ability to communicate with all levels of personnel, resulted in a smooth and successful result every time. — Jeh Meher, President, USA Fitness Center

Interior Design Solutions for the Business World

Since 1992, Fisher Design Company, Inc. has delivered Interior Planning and Design solutions to a diverse range of business sectors. We consider each client relationship a partnership through which success is measured in results. We provide comprehensive resources for creating environments that are effective, sustainable, and compliant. Experience has given us the ability to accurately analyze each project. Dedication ensures that we will meet your goals. Integrity guarantees that the process will be thorough from beginning to end.

Landlords look to us to be their number-one collaborative partner in closing the deal.
Brokers rely on us to perform the analysis for hand-in-hand guidance during the property tour, provide the tenant with the right fit and support both broker and tenant in realizing the lease.
Business Owners depend on us to express to others who they are while providing a productive workplace for their people.
Healthcare Providers rely on our expertise to understand their needs in order to improve their facilities while promoting patient and family comfort.
Country Clubs count on us to create activity and dining spaces that expands food & beverage sales and increase facilities rentals.
Restaurants seek our services to launch compelling brands and create a statement.
Spas depend on us to weave an emotion into the interior’s required function.
Hotel Owners have confidence in us to create the wonder and awe that their patrons seek and desire.
Retailers trust us to create environments that brand and sell.