Since 2006, we have worked with Karen on many projects. She continually manages to address and integrate the concerns of everyone involved in a project from finance and operations to engineering. Our meetings often involve a lot of people and opinions and yet Karen never loses focus. We leave feeling relaxed and productive, certain that we are in good hands. Thanks to Fisher Design Company, our renovated public and private spaces reflect our commitment to our patients and staff. — Shahram Ravan, M.D., Chairman of the Board, Olympia Medical Center


Olympia Medical Center – The Alchemist’s Way


With new ownership in 2005, the former Midway Medical Center became Olympia Medical Center. OMC’s motto Treating People Well is the hospital’s core commitment to their patients, coworkers, community and medical staff. We were asked to participate in a multi-phase hospital refurbishment that would create interior environments that support the goals of the new ownership. Our client’s objective was to immediately update the most weathered areas to satisfy a short-term cleanup goal. Over time, the hospital’s public and private spaces would be renovated, enhancing both staff performance and the well-being of patients and their families.


The medical center remained open during the renovations. The 24-hour nature of the operation produced critical schedule requirements. It was essential that our recommended improvements did not trigger the need for OSHPD approvals and avoided delays that would interfere with the function of the hospital. Working with existing conditions while defining a new look was another huge challenge. Lastly, the budget created more limitations than possibilities.


We developed an architectural finish and furniture kit-of-parts that the project could build on and reference as different sections of the hospital were prioritized for improvement. This methodology allowed us integrated flexibility that we could apply to a wide variety of situations, keeping design fees to a minimum and the overall project within its limited budget.


The existing color scheme utilized predominantly beige, white and gray core colors. We felt these colors were soothing but needed a little excitement so we added blue, green, purple and brown to the project palette. Combining the old colors with the new ones allowed continuity while the renovation was in progress. Floral, bamboo and geometric patterns found in the architectural materials added distinction, dimension and texture. These schemes set the tone for the waiting areas, patient floors and staff support zones. The kit-of-parts provides versatility for change yet maintains the integration of required existing conditions. The fresh, new interior refurbishment reinforces Olympia Medical Center’s promise and priorities and creates a soothing environment for staff and patients alike.